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Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


With the emergence of the rebellion era, everything has changed in its nature and became fast. Due to the shortage of time, people need to execute their work quickly. Being in a hurry, you should not put your health behind and your work priority.

OneClod thinks better for you and has invented a high-grade cooking tool that will resolve your cooking problems in much less time than you haven’t think of before. OneClod pressure cooker is composed of an excellent quality stainless steel material that retains the potential to deliver its services even after exposure to high temperatures and is corrosion-resistant.

It has designed to deliver its services in a multifunctional way. It comes with a glass lid so that can be utilized as a traditional pot and keep the food warm. And also supplied with a pressure-locked safety lid to assist you in fast cooking.

The pressure controlling handle and side handles are made with Bakelite, which is a commercial polymer and retains the capacity to resist heat, scratches and effectively fight against destructive solvents.

The stainless steel pressure cooker has successfully replaced the cookers, made with aluminum material, and has a great acceptance across the globe. Now, it’s time to explore what advantages you can take from it other than fast cooking.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker:

Efficient Energy Saver:

The pressure cooker is highly energy-efficient that empowers you to cook large servings in a short time rather than using multiple pots. Thus, ultimately reduces the cooking time up to 70%.

Healthy and Hygienic:

No more need to worry about health concerns when you cook in a pressure cooker. It purely executes hygienic cooking and preserves the taste of the ingredients as well. You will get the intact properties of your food after cooking. Moreover, food does not come into contact with the food-grade material (stainless steel) and ensures your health safety.

Reduce Gas Consumption:

Due to the condensation working phenomena, it reduces gas consumption by 70%. With this highly economic kitchen appliance, now you can save your gas bills.

Even-Heat Distributor:

With a tight seal over a rubber gasket, heat is unable to escape and leads to the process of condensation (which involves the rising in the temperature of boiling water) and evenly distributes heat across each chunk of food in the cooker. That even heat distributor pot facilitates professional cooking skills by transferring balanced heat than traditional cookware.

 Durable Kitchen Partner:

After making the first purchase, you will forget to buy another piece of pressure cooker for years due to the compact nature of the OneClod pressure cooker. The high-grade stainless steel material (18/10) adds more shelf life to its structure and makes it capable to deliver its services for a long time.


All the parts of the pressure cooker are dishwasher safe and require less cleaning effort. Just do a pre-rinse to remove any stubborn layer of food formed at the bottom and put it in a dishwasher. Moreover, the well-secured lid does not let the oil or food splashes escape out of the pot and thus reduces the time of cleaning your kitchen counter.

Now you have come across the core importance of cooking in a pressure cooker and can confidently prepare your meals in a much lesser time without the wastage of energy.

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