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How to Clean and Use Pressure Cooker


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Now let’s discuss, what is the proper way of using the speedy cooking appliance and how you can clean it.

Pressure Cooker Using Instructions:

On one hand, if a pressure cooker lets you experience the ease of life, then, on the other hand, it could be a disastrous thing if not used properly. Therefore, it needs to take precautions while using it. Let’s have a closer look at the instructions.

·        Never fill the cooker pot to the top.

·        Always leave room for the steam to be produced and build pressure inside the pot.

·        Cut the food into pieces and then put them in the cooker.

·        Close the lid tightly and make sure the present liquid does not leak.

·        When you set the cooker on the heat, note the time (every meal requires a different cooking time) and wait for the pressure indicator pin to rise.

·        When the time has over for the specific meal, lower the flame and take the cooker pot off the stove.

·        Let the cooker cool down and slowly release the pressure. You can also put it underwater to cool it down.

·        Once all the pressure is released and the pressure indicator pin is calms down, open the lid.

·        Carefully learn and practice the right way to release the heat and how to seal and unseal the cooker pot.

Ways to Clean the Pressure Cooker:

Cleaning is as easy as cooking in a pressure cooker. It does not require any specific cleaning tips.

·        Take a dishwashing soap and apply it over the cooker (inside and outside) and its other parts.

·        You can either use hot water or normal running water to rinse it.

·        Then use a lint-free cloth or a soft cloth to absorb all the moisture so that any spot the formation could be prevented.

·        Don’t let the cooker remains wet, otherwise, water stains can be formed.

·        If a cakey layer of food is food at the bottom, then pour the cream of tartar and lemon juice (2 Tablespoon Each) along with water and set the mixture to boil.

·        When the solution reaches boiling, let the solution set for 1 or 2 hours.

·        Then with the help of a sponge, gently scrub and wipe away the dirty layer.

·        Give a wash underwater and dry it completely.


With the intensive using and cleaning guide, now you can freely use a pressure cooker. Enjoy your meal!

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