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How to Clean Stainless Steel Cutlery?


Cleaning is the pretty relaxing part of the routine activity that retains the potential to generate the sensation of soul freshness. Everything deserves cleaning. But when it comes to health concerns, then utensils require vital care and cleanliness. Each product in the market is composed of different materials and hence needs different cleaning tips.

OneClod cutlery, designed with high-grade 18/10 stainless steel, is the leading practical flatware of an Italian brand that has a great acceptance among cutlery fanatics.

OneClod cutlery set is composed of 24 pieces, including 6 spoons, 6 forks, 6 teaspoons, and 6 knives. It is a perfect serving for 6 people on the dining table. Every single piece reflects fine finishing and polishing, thus contributes to the durable shelf life. It’s our vital responsibility to clean it properly to prevent the spread of infection by the production of bacteria and microorganisms. Don’t be stressed! We have come up with essential care and cleanliness guidelines that will not only assist you to keep the material properties spic-and-span but will also impart long-lasting shine.

Vital Instructions Regarding the Cutlery Care and Cleanliness:

Various methods and tricks are available, including natural and chemical-based remedies to give a proper wash to your cutlery and enhance the shine. Let’s discuss them and make sure to must try them.

·     After the cutlery served its eating purpose take hot water and detergent (try to avoid abrasive products). Gently rub with a rag or other clean cloth dipped in the cleaning solution and then wash with hot water. This trick is quite useful to remove stubborn stains.

·    You can also prepare a cleaning solution at home. Make a fine paste by mixing baking soda and dish soap in a balanced quantity that can be applied smoothly. Then with the aid of soft bristles brush or a nylon scrubber, apply the paste on the cutlery pieces and rinse with running water.

·     When you have done your cleaning process, it is necessary to completely dry the flatware to avoid spot formation. Take a lint-free cloth and dry the cutlery by absorbing excess moisture. Hand drying is more beneficial and provides efficient results.

·      If your cutlery has lost its shine and got decolorized, then fill it again with a sparkling gloss by adding a touch of polish.

·     Formulated polishes are available in the market in the form of a spray. With the aid of soft cloth, buff your cutlery and bring brightness. Make sure to carefully read the instructions before applying.

·    You can also go with a natural remedy for polishing. Lemon oil is a common polishing agent that not only makes cutlery glossy but also leaves a pleasant aroma behind. The other alternative is olive oil which also generates mind-blowing results.

Now you have successfully done your cutlery cleaning. It is ready to store and use for the next serving. If you still have not bought the premium quality OneClod cutlery, just quickly visit the below-shared link and experience the best purchase of your life.

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