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OneClod is an Italian startup born in 2019 that designs and manufactures professional kitchen accessories. Our strong point are products conceived and personalized by the union of practicality, quality and design. Our brand was born from a five-year experience in the sector and from the idea of ​​a traditional, healthy style of cooking, linked to the territory but at the same time innovative and current.

We want the Italian tradition of living the kitchen to become a pleasure for everyone. One more reason to stay with family, relatives or friends. This is possible thanks to our commitment in the creation of quality and innovative products with respect for craftsmanship and traditions.
For those who live in the kitchen, cooking, cutting, slicing, peeling, grating is the order of the day. The right utensils in the kitchen are indispensable allies. OneClod was created to meet the needs of consumers with modern, quality kitchen accessories and tools, with a refined design and affordable costs.
Our MISSION is to offer products that combine practicality with ease of purchase, value for money and delivery in one day. Our goal is to offer customers the best possible service in terms of quality, advice and cost.
Our PHILOSOPHY starts from the careful research of high production standards, selected materials that can be cleaned without polluting detergents, products that allow you to cook saving time, water, electricity or gas.OneClod not only sells products online, but spreads a practical way to enrich habits and living environments without renouncing modern design.


OneClod is an innovative company because it has understood that to satisfy the final consumer it is necessary:

• Carry out an accurate search for high quality materials
• Realize a modern and innovative design, which allows not having to hide the products after their use, but on the contrary, to keep them always at hand.
• Create a useful and practical product that saves time in cooking and above all that can be cleaned quickly.

Quality, design and functionality meet in the daily use of your kitchen. Our products are created to meet all your needs and to guarantee you the maximum result in all circumstances and use.

Handy, ergonomic, functional and long-lasting kitchen utensils.

With OneClod you will have the pleasure of living the house or giving an emotion every day!


All OneClod products are made in Italy and certified with tested and quality materials, covered by health certifications. Some have the certification of AISI 304 steel, the cutting boards have the certification for food use, and others the CE certification for safety, as in the case of the pressure cooker.

It is not obvious to find kitchen accessories with these certifications, but this too is an added value and synonymous with quality and credibility.


Whether you are a professional in the sector or taking your first steps, OneClod is your number one ally in the kitchen. It will surprise your daily life with cutting-edge novelties and refined design.
The refined workmanship, the strength and durability of the materials and the rigorous attention to detail are the basis of the design of the OneClod products. A unique style that can give personality to your kitchen. Products that are not only easy to use and clean, practical and quality, but beautiful to show or give away. Attention to the customer and his needs is the key to our success. The research of materials and quality control are primary elements of our working method. Quality and safety are the cornerstones of our company. We guarantee constant assistance throughout the product purchase and shipping cycle. Our service is always quick, punctual and optimized in relation to customer needs.

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