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Kitchen board Antonino pastry board Satin Stainless Steel Worktop for Kneading


MADE IN ITALY Chopping board with an elegant design, 2 cm L-shaped top to give aesthetic value and safety in use, Professional kitchen worktop in AISI 304 SCOTCH BRITE SATIN-FINISHED Stainless Steel Measures 50 x 47 x 0.1

Chopping Board OneClod

Higiest Quality Steel Scotch brite of Italian manufacture.

 OneClod was born as an optimal solution for the needs of kitchen accessories and tools. The aim was to unite under a single banner products conceived, designed, customized and distributed by an Italian company with five-year experience in the world of cooking. We consider ourselves innovative not as a common place, but because we understand that to fully satisfy our customers all over the world, it is necessary:

  • Go through the careful research of high quality materials and with all the required authorizations
  • A modern and innovative design, which allows you not to have to hide the products after their use
  • The idea must be a product that can save time in use and especially in cleaning.

For this reason you will find for sale in our store only products that have married the characteristics indicated above, sure that customer reviews are our best advertisement.Our products such as cutting board, pastry board, kitchen worktop are designed and produced in Italy. with tested and high quality materials. We have new ideas in production that we will insert in our shop soon; all have the same goal, to bring the visitor at least to think that our ideas are useful for all homes and especially kitchens. Our philosophy takes us through the careful research of high production standards, the search for materials that can be cleaned without polluting detergents, products that allow you to cook with water, electricity or gas savings and time savings. main customers are professionals who spend most of the day in the kitchen. It has been declared by them that our cutting board is the best solution in their laboratory where they can cut, knead, prepare food, dough, desserts, pizza and much more with a simple rinse after each use. It goes perfectly with any kitchen countertop in all homes. It has the right measures to not be bulky and facilitate the preparation of any dessert or food.

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